All of our trees start with hand-picked liners from local area growers. Our
trees are grown in the ground using the
Smart Pot - In Ground System
(Root Control Bag System). These synthetic material bags allow us to
use native soils and leave the tree root system undisturbed for the entire
growth process. The fibrous bags allow the root system to grow out
through the bag material which helps eliminate root wrapping. When
harvested, minimal root loss and damage occurs which results in a more
rapid re-establishment when transplanted. We use 18" and 24" bags on
all of our trees. These trees can be shipped in the bag and the bag must
be removed at planting. We also offer 45 gallon, 65 gallon and 95 gallon
container trees. Please call us 214.676.0520 or email us at
corky@oakcreektrees.com to find out more about OakCreek Tree Farm.
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